Where Your Money Goes.

We are now operating an online payment system on our website. This can be used for all your donations towards the Parish and the Diocese and for other donations and contributions.

The FIRST COLLECTION  goes towards the salaries of the Priest of the Parish, Priests in poorer Parishes, Priest in non-income-earning appointments, Priests on study leave, Priests who are ill or retired.

The SECOND COLLECTION – the SHARE collection goes towards Diocesan development and poorer Parishes.

PARISH DEVELOPMENT – Envelopes/Standing Orders/Annual Contributions/Shrines Donations. This money is the major source of income for Parish Expenses, Maintenance, Development and Salaries. (The new online donation page for envelope contributors is now operational and can be used with your bank card instead of having to return cash in your envelopes. You retain your box number and follow the instructions on screen).

DONATIONS for BAPTISMS/WEDDINGS and FUNERALS is divided between the Priest, the Diocese and Parish Development and Maintenance. 

Standing Orders are still maintained through the Bank. Anyone considering making donations through Direct Debit can collect a form from the Parish Office.

Thank you for your continuing financial support.