Guide to Attending Mass at Confey Parish Church

COVID-19 best practice guidelines


As you enter the courtyard you will be directed by a one-way system past a wall-mounted hand sanitiser on your LEFT. After sanitising your hands, please proceed through the left door into the foyer.

There are additional hand sanitisers located in the foyer and at the back of the church


The use of face coverings is highly recommended for such indoor settings. So on behalf of the more vulnerable members of our community, we kindly ask all attendees to wear a face mask.


Our church can only accommodate 50 people at any one time. To ensure a place at Mass, we advise you to book in advance.

CLICK HERE to book via our website.

Alternatively email or call 016247410 (Mon-Fri 11pm-2pm)


If you have booked, please tick beside your name.

If you are without a booking, a steward will ask you to sign in with a name and a contact number (This helps with contact tracing if the event arises, as per HSE guidelines). 

A steward will then direct you to your seat


Available seats are clearly marked. Families or members from the same household may sit together. Your regular seat may not be available to you, please respect our stewards and their decisions.

A one-way system is in place during Communion, coordinated by our stewards. You will be directed to step into the aisle, keeping your distance to the person in front and approach the Alter. 
Holy Communion may only be received in the hand at this time. 
After receiving Holy Communion please return to your seat by the opposite aisle, as guided by the stewards. 
If you do not wish to receive Holy Communion, please step into the aisle if another person(s) from your pew is getting up or returning from Communion.


There will be no collections during Mass, a box will be available at the door to facilitate donations to the First Collection and Share. Outside of Mass times, the postbox situated outside the sacristy door may be used for envelope collections. The Shrine Boxes may be used to donate towards the upkeep and maintenance of our Parish Church.

We accept donations on our website


Please leave the church through the EXIT doors as directed by the stewards. 

A Hand Sanitiser is on your LEFT as you exit into the courtyard.

Please refrain from congregating in the foyer or the courtyard. 

At this point we thoroughly sanitise inside the building before reopening the doors once again for silent reflection, the lighting of a candle and private prayer.